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A year in review from the Fox Den..

Here is a little background of how a fun idea has led Southern Equestrian to its one year mark.

I would also like to thank all of my friends and family who have helped along the way. Some of you gave your opinions, your time, and all of you have given me your love and support. I could not have done this without you all.

I know we have all had that moment when we think of some great idea or product and how neat it would be to have, but that's where things then get complicated. Just like a Fox we can choose to either go to ground and call off the excitement and find safety in our normal lives or we can lead the chase and start an amazing adrenaline filled adventure not knowing how the outcome will be, but if we survive to tell, we know it will be a great story.

Growing up "that horse girl" I have often kept my passion for the love of horses on the down low due to the look of surprise when most people outside of our equine bubble realize that I "play" with horses for a living. However, that changed last year when I was sitting at a horse show and noticed that too many teen riders were wearing shirts that expressed other people's passions and not their own, maybe because these passions and hobbies were cool to wear or popular to be.

Some girls were wearing shirts that represented a lifestyle that society has impressed upon them as being that sweet southern girl or guy from down south who drinks sweet tea, watches football in the fall and plans for hunting season. I on the other hand saw girls and guys who barely take time to stop and keep themselves cool and hydrated but who made sure their pony or horse had a fresh bucket of water, who know every name of every rider and horse they idolize and which shows they were attending and follow all of their successes and those same guys and gals who spend all of their free time between those busy moments in their lives to spend at the barn or traveling the weekends from one event to the other. These were what I saw as the "cool" kids, those living a lifestyle that teaches patience, love, understanding, sportsmanship, responsibility, and dedication the lifestyle as an Equestrian.

My goal that I set out to achieve with Southern Equestrian was to give our sport a social boost, to give our young riders an opportunity to be the cool kids that we all know they are, and along the way support each and every rider no matter their discipline, skill level or age. My motivation with each and every design that I personally develop is to make our equine lifestyle desired by all. I want our peers both young and old to understand our love of the horse and our sport, to recognize that we are the lucky ones to have these animals in our lives. As riders, we are blessed to spend the hours that we do with these wonderful creatures and it's now time to share that with the world!

We are Equestrians We are Lucky and We are proud!

Thanks to all of our loyal supporters for making our first year such a success!

Nicci Kirby