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Our Story


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Southern Equestrian, for the love of all things Southern & Horses!

From the rise of the sun in the morning when you head out to feed, to the sweet smell of fresh hay, from the second you lay your hand on their sleek warm coat, to the moment that you sit upon the saddle and your face is warmed by the sun you know you are who you always wanted to be a true Southern Equestrian!

Welcome to Southern Equestrian, we are the leading producer of casual and versatile preppy apparel for the sophisticated rider.

Being Southern is knowing the importance of maintaining a certain joy for living, giving value to all that life has to offer.

Being an Equestrian is not just about being a rider or owner, it’s not just about competing, it is about building a bond with an amazing animal that is your best friend, a great listener, a partner and a teammate.

When you combine these two great things together you get one amazing combination!

We are honored that you have chosen Southern Equestrian to ride along with you on all of your journeys. Whether it be just to the barn to handle the day’s chores, practice for an upcoming show, or just to go visit and give a carrot to your best friend, we have your back and will help you express your PRIDE in being a true Southern Equestrian!



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Foxes are very social animals and live very flexible lives, able to adjust quickly, very similar to the lives of an Equestrian. Being an equestrian has always meant being part of a community for me both growing up and as an adult and often as horseman we find ourselves living crazy schedules in our lives to accommodate our equine addictions, but just like the Fox we come together and adapt!

The Fox has always held a special animal connection for me, while they are known for their resourcefulness, cleverness and adaptability I look to this small creature of Folklore who is believed to have created the Northern Lights and know that anything is possible if you can imagine it.

-Nicci Kirby "Founding Fox"